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KIRA Takayuki

 Takayuki KIRA (吉良 貴之)

 Major: Philosophy of Law (Constitutional Law, Political Thoughts, etc.)
 Subjects: intergenerational justice; time theory of law; law and science

 jj57010@gmail.com, twitter, facebook (in detail, see here)

 Mailing Adress: Odori 1-3-18, Utsunomiya-shi, Tochigi-ken, 320-0811, Japan
 Assistant Professor (Utsunomiya Kyowa University)

 The right photo is a result of my order "Take me like a Lawyer." :D

 Educational Qualification:
  3/2008 Completed doctoral program, University of Tokyo
  3/2005 M.A. (Law), University of Tokyo
  3/2003 B.A. (Law), University of Tokyo

 Research Program (in progress):
  4/2018 - 3/2022 Inter- and Intra-generational Justice

 Presentations in English:
 - "On Intergenerational Constitutional Legitimacy," 8/2014
 - "Law and Science in Japan," 3/2013
 - "Concurrent Evidence and Polarization," 8/2012

Takayuki KIRA (Philosophy of Law), jj57010@gmail.com

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